Hello performers and families! We are so thrilled about our summer programming and look forward to having more opportunities available than we have had in the past. Please note that we have two summer productions: a youth production for ages 6-14 and a teen production for ages 13-22. We will be holding auditions for both programs where not all who audition will be cast. We know this is a difficult perspective, particularly for our younger students, but we are committed to giving as many performers an opportunity to audition as we can in order to find a diverse cast of the right story-tellers to represent our unique community on stage. If you are not cast, we will be offering week long skill building camps at a discounted rate to you before we release the spots to the public. We encourage you to check out our audition tips on our website and ask that all interested in auditioning read our new company policies here.  Thank you so much for your grace as we grow and we look forward to a summer of exciting performances!

The Paper Bag Princess

Adapted from the Book by Robert Munsch
Book and lyrics by Cori Anne Laemmel
Music by Cori Anne Laemmel and Eric Fritsch
Directed by Cori Anne Laemmel
Music Direction by Laura Matula
Choreography by Bakari King
Seeking 25-50 actors of all ethnicities and skill level, ages 6-14

Auditions by appointment only: April 10-11, 3-8pm
Callbacks as needed: April 15, 2-7pm
Rehearsals: May 31-June 15, M-F, 9am-Noon & 12:30-3:30pm (2 casts)
Mandatory Tech Rehearsals: June 18-20 & 25-27, 4-8pm
Mandatory Performances: June 21-23 & 28-30

Due to the complexity of casting, we cannot accept requests for rehearsal times. You must be available for all mandatory dates for both casts as you will act as the understudy for the other cast. We do allow 3 pre-approved conflicts during the regular rehearsal period and actor conflicts may affect casting.

Audition Requirement: Please prepare 1 minute of a Broadway style song with either sheet music in the correct key OR a karaoke track without vocals. No acapella. If you are auditioning with sheet music you must sign up for a slot that is labeled WITH ACCOMPANIST. If you are using a track, please do not sign up in an accompanist slot.

Please plan to stay for the entire hour. All performers will be asked to read in groups form the script. We will have older performers to assist early or non readers.

Not all who audition will be cast. 

There is no tuition for this program but donations toward your child's experience are welcomed and appreciated!

Break a leg and have fun!


A New Play
by Cori Anne Laemmel
Directed by Cori Ann Laemmel
Original Score by Laura & Anthony Matula

Seeking a 20 actors ages 13-22 and 3-4 young actors ages 9-12 (Please see specific instructions for actors 9-12)
Adult roles have been cast
Seeking a diverse group of actors of all ethnicities and gender identities

Auditions by appointment only: April 12, 3-9pm
Callbacks as needed: April 13, 3-9pm and April 15, 5-9pm
Rehearsals: July 9-21, Times and days determined by availability of the cast. We will not rehearse more than 5 days a week prior to tech.
Mandatory Tech Rehearsals: July 23-27, 4-9pm
Mandatory Performances: July 28-29 & August 2-5

Some workshop dates may be announced for the month of May but will not be mandatory for the cast. Actors are permitted 2 full day rehearsal and 2 partial day rehearsal conflicts. Partial day conflicts may have some flexibility, but actor availability will affect casting.

Audition Requirements: 
Actors 13-22: Please prepare one minute of an age appropriate contemporary monologue, comedic or dramatic, and be prepared to read from the script. Please plan to stay for the entire hour. We will have cold readings from the script after all the monologues have been performed for the casting team.

Actors 9-12: We are seeking two female actors to share the role of Evie (double cast) & Identical twins to play the roles of Morgan and Stella. (Open to both male and female but the role is written for females as of now.) One set has already been cast, but the role will be shared between two casts. If you are a twin, please prepare the selected scene as Morgan and Stella (be prepared to read both). All others please prepare to read as Evie. Some may be asked to perform just the beginning monologue. See side below.
Script and character breakdown forthcoming. This is a new work, so please be patient and remember that things will change!

Not all who audition will be cast.

There is no tuition for this program but donations toward your child's experience are welcomed and appreciated!

Break a leg and have fun!


The first step in auditioning is choosing great, appropriate material that you love! When choosing material you'll want to make sure it:

  • Is age appropriate. All material should be for a character that could be played by you. 
  • Is unique. Some material has been heard so many times, it gets a little lost on your audience. Let's find you something special!
  • Plays to your strengths. If you are an awesome alto, don't choose a soprano piece. 
  • Is something you love to perform. If you love it, it will show!

Wondering where to find a monologue? Here are some tips:

  • Read plays! Lots of them. Look for characters your age. Check the library, Amazon or book stores. Straight plays tend to have more monologues than musicals, but you can find them in either.
  • Read books! Some of your favorite fictional characters may have great monologue material! These may need some editing so it sounds like it is being delivered in the present tense to another person. You'll need to edit our the "he saids" and other narrative parts. We can help.
  • Watch movies! I bet you can find some one minute pieces from a character you love in your favorite movie!
  • Surfing the internet for monologues can be a little risky. Many of them are not great pieces or are pretty over done. You could find a gem if you look hard enough!

What about songs?

Since we often require everyone to have sheet music for a program, we wanted to give you a hand. Some of our favoite places to find sheet music are:

OR you can check with us and we will try and help you! Please double check that the song is in the key you want!