Offering two half day workshops at beginner and intermediate/advanced levels!

October 15th-19th
Ages 8-13*

By Registration
Instructor: Lindsey Shope

Tuition: $125 (financial aid available)

This workshop will cover monologue work to discuss the differences between acting for stage and the camera, partnered scene work and an introduction to self tape auditions.

Friday from 12pm-1pm will be a Q&A with Instructor Lindsey Shope for parents and students interested in taking the next steps toward working professionally in film and television in Nashville. This lecture and Q&A will cover information about agencies, headshots, resumes and self tape auditions. This talk back is open to both camps, but is not mandatory for either.

* If you have a child under 8 years old who you believe is ready for this workshop and able to read out loud well, please send a taped one minute monologue for teacher consideration. We want everyone's early experience at The Bug to be a great one and will make an honest recommendation for your child and their participation in this program. For more information about this, please email

Auditions: Friday, OCTOBER 5th,
October 12th & 15th-19th
12:30-4:30pm (Friday, Oct 15th start time is 1pm)
Ages 8-18*

By Audition
Director: Steve Feldman
Instructor: Cori Anne Laemmel

Tuition: $190 (financial aid available)
(If your fall break is only a partial part of the week, please note on audition form as we may be able to work around conflicts.)

Actors will audition for a role on camera in selected scenes from past Theater Bug Shows. Throughout the week we will cast and film 3-5 scenes from past Bug productions. Not all who audition will be admitted into this program. Each student will be cast in a minimum of one scene. On days students are not acting on camera, they will observe the process as well as assist with other production jobs.

For auditions students will be asked to perform a memorized one minute contemporary monologue and be paired in groups to read aloud scenes from past TB productions.

* If you have a student who is under 8 years old who AND has participated in a past TB production, you may submit a request for an audition spot here. We want everyone's early experience at The Bug to be a great one and we will make an honest recommendation for your child and their participation in this program. 

 Cori Anne Laemmel

Cori Anne Laemmel

 Lindsey Shope

Lindsey Shope

 Steve Feldman

Steve Feldman


The 7th Annual Winter Concert
Ages 6-18
December 6th-9th

Auditions: September 29, 10am-6pm, by appointment
Dance Call: September 30, 5:30-8:30pm

Tuition: $150 [financial aid available]

* Audition signups open Monday, August 27th at 6pm via email

Winter concert has become a favorite for audience and performers alike! Performers will rehearse and perform a variety of music including solos, duos, small group and full ensemble pieces culminating in a full length concert extravaganza! The 2018 Production Staff is Cori Anne Laemmel (Director), Laura Matula (Music Director) and Bakari King (Choreographer).

Audition Requirements: Each performer needs to prepare 1 minute of a song in the style of their choosing.

  • Please bring EITHER a karaoke track (no background vocals) or sheet music in the correct key.

  • No a capella please.

  • If you are using sheet music, please schedule your audition between 10am-Noon when we have an accompanist.

  • Please arrive a few minutes early to fill out paperwork.

  • Please also bring your calendars to enter in your conflicts.

  • Each performer is allowed 4 conflicts in the rehearsal period (November 5-29, with Thanksgiving Break November 21-25.) Rehearsals will take place after school hours (4-8:30pm) and on weekends (Sat: 10am-6pm, Sun: 2-8pm).

  • Performers will not be called every day.

  • Mandatory dates are November 30th-December 5th for tech rehearsals and December 6th-9th for performances.

  • All who audition will not be cast.

Break a leg and HAVE FUN!


The first step in auditioning is choosing great, appropriate material that you love! When choosing material you'll want to make sure it:

  • Is age appropriate. All material should be for a character that could be played by you.

  • Is unique. Some material has been heard so many times, it gets a little lost on your audience. Let's find you something special!

  • Plays to your strengths. If you are an awesome alto, don't choose a soprano piece.

  • Is something you love to perform. If you love it, it will show!

Wondering where to find a monologue? Here are some tips:

  • Read plays! Lots of them. Look for characters your age. Check the library, Amazon or book stores. Straight plays tend to have more monologues than musicals, but you can find them in either.

  • Read books! Some of your favorite fictional characters may have great monologue material! These may need some editing so it sounds like it is being delivered in the present tense to another person. You'll need to edit our the "he saids" and other narrative parts. We can help.

  • Watch movies! I bet you can find some one minute pieces from a character you love in your favorite movie!

  • Surfing the internet for monologues can be a little risky. Many of them are not great pieces or are pretty over done. You could find a gem if you look hard enough!

What about songs?

Since we often require everyone to have sheet music for a program, we wanted to give you a hand. Some of our favoite places to find sheet music are:

OR you can check with us and we will try and help you! Please double check that the song is in the key you want!