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Directed by Santiago Sosa

MARCH 23-30

The Theater Bug is thrilled to bring our third installment of Bard at The Bug this spring!

SYNOPSIS: Leonato’s house is a happy one, complete with a beautiful daughter, Hero and a clever niece, Beatrice. But when Leonato’s friends return from the war, the household is turned on its ear by the instant attraction between Hero and Claudio, and the constant bickering (and, clearly, also attraction) between Beatrice and Benedick. But there’s a snake in the midst of all this affection, and Don John plots to destroy everyone’s happiness before some of our couples are even aware that they are indeed a couple. Masquerades reveal as much as they hide in this hilarious comedy. Set in the late 90’s to a fun and nostalgic soundtrack, this show is sure to turn anyone into a Shakespeare lover!