New programming


Home School Production

Ages 6-18
September 23rd-October 5th
Auditions September 16th
Tuition Based Program
Financial Aid Available
Audition Sign Ups Open September 3rd

Sarah and the Secret of the Cellar
by Osborne and Eppler

The Theater Bug is excited to announce auditions for our homeschool production, "Sarah and the Secret of the Cellar" a one-act play brought to you by the writer of the Theater Bug favorite, "Snowderalla" Nate Eppler, along with his co-writer and Theater Bug parent, Dietz Osborne. Sarah has lost a very important book report, and while searching for it in the cellar, comes across her long-forgotten imaginary friends. Join them as they embark on an adventure to help Sarah find her book report, and re-ignite her imagination.

Synopsis: Sarah has lost a very important book report, and while searching for it in the cellar, comes across her long-forgotten imaginary friends. Join them as they embark on an adventure to help Sarah find her book report, and re-ignite her imagination.


Fall Break Storytellers!

October 7th-11th
Ages 6-11 and 12-17
Tuition Based program
Financial Aid Available
Registration Opens September 3rd

Storytellers on the Stage
Ages 6-11
Tuition Based Program
Financial Aid Available

In this one week workshop, young actors will take a well known story and turn it into a 10 minute play to be performed at the end of the week for family and friends. This workshop will challenge students on their skill level while learning about the audition and rehearsal process at The Theater Bug!

Storytellers on the Page
Ages 12-17
Tuition Based Program
Financial Aid Available

In this one-week workshop, young writers will create original monologues while receiving group, partnered and individual instruction. Monologue collections will be performed by Theater Bug actors and local professionals at the end of the week in a reading for family and friends. This workshop will challenge students on their skill level while giving them a chance to use their voice to tell a story.


The 8th Annual Winter Concert

Ages 6-18
December 12th-15th
Auditions OCTOBER 19th-21st
Tuition Based Program
Audition Sign Ups Open September 17th

The Theater Bug is excited to present our 8th annual Winter Concert! This fully produced evening of music is one of our favorite events all year. Perfomers will rehearse a combination of solos, small group numbers and group numbers to be performed as part of The Theater Bug's Mainstage Season.

Classes and Programs

We are constantly adding new programs and classes including original plays and musicals! We have programming for home schoolers, facilitate Shakespeare camps, host concerts, musicals and plays, and so much more! Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to be updated with the most current programming.

Financial Assistance

Please complete this form and return it along with your most recent tax return showing your household income to auditions@thetheaterbug.org. Thank you!

Registration and Payment Procedures

Registration will be announced through our mailing list which is also linked to our social media pages. You can register and pay for a program through our website. Once registered online you must either:

  • Pay by credit card through the website or over the phone
  • Through our Venmo@theaterbug
  • Mail a check to The Theater Bug. Our mailing address is: The Theater Bug P.O. Box 1821, Goodlettsville, TN 37070-1821


  • Download our financial aid application from our website and return it by mail or electronically by emailing it back to The Theater Bug. Financial aid applications must be re-submitted at the beginning of each calendar year, and must include a current a copy of your latest tax return showing the total household income.

If payment or financial aid form is not received within 48 hours of registration, your student may be dropped from the program and you will need to re-register them again as space allows.

We no longer offer refunds of any kind, for any reason. We understand that there are unforeseen challenges that may come up such as travel, school obligations or illness, but in order to continue to be able to offer high quality programs taught by top notch instructors for a low cost, we must ask that you register your children with the understanding that we will not offer refunds effective August, 2015.

Some programs have a specific amount of spots for girls vs. boys, or specific ages in order to be able to perform the specific script we are using. If this is the case, the registration process may have an added step where we will take email requests for a spot instead of registering through the online portal. When registration or auditions are announced for a program, please be sure to read all registration instructions carefully as they may vary program to program.


If an audition is required to participate in a program you must sign your child up for a spot through volunteer spot, our online sign-up program. Ideally, this should be done at least one week prior to the start of a program. You are responsible for signing up and preparing for your child’s audition. If you have questions about how to help your child prepare, please check out our audition preparation tips! You are also always welcome to call or email with questions.

If a program specifies that NOT ALL WHO AUDITION WILL BE CAST, then you will not be required to register or pay until after casting has been released.

Why do we have some shows where not all who audition are cast?

We are thrilled at the growth in popularity for our programs, but also know that with growth comes growing pains. Programs have started to fill, sometime in minutes, and we understand that not all parents have the same access to the internet when trying to register their child. Offering open audition has created more opportunity to a wider range of students and allowed us to put more new faces on stage, pursue diversification and tell truthful, important stories.

We are passionate about watching a brand new student find their love of the stage for the first time and equally as passionate about helping our students who are trying to pursue performance as a career get the experience, exposure and skill set they need to do that successfully. In order to nurture kids on all parts of this spectrum, we offer a variety of programming and will gladly help you to register your child in the program that suits them best!

We understand that the casting process can be difficult and emotional, but know that it is only a small part of a wonderful experience for your child.

Free Programs

It is expected that if you take a spot in a free program where all who audition are cast, that you treat that as a commitment to the program. These spots fill very quickly and typically have a long waiting list of kids who hope to participate. Last minute drops can mean that those children can no longer accommodate the program in their schedule and that is a disappointment for them and a loss for The Theater Bug. Please be sure of your commitment before registering for a free program.

Thank you so much for your interest, or continued interest in The Theater Bug and we are excited for an amazing year with your families!

For more information on our Policies and Procedures, CLICK HERE.